Frequently Asked Questions

How will the box arrive?

Your product will arrive chilled. We package it with dry ice, but depending on the travel time, the ice may evaporate by the time it gets to you. We try to get it there frozen, but we can't always control the travel time. We recommend putting it directly in the refrigerator or freezer when you receive it.

How do we line the boxes?

Each box will come with foam insulation that's biodegradable. We will place your product in the back then tie the bag shut. 5-10 pounds of dry ice will be placed on top to make sure it stays cool. Do not be alarmed if there is no ice left when you open your box. 

Who do we ship with?  

We ship with UPS. Please note: we are unable to ship to PO boxes.

When do orders need to be placed by? 

All orders must be placed before Wednesday at noon. Any order placed after noon will be processed and shipped on the following Monday. This guarantees you get your product before the weekend because the goods are perishable. 

When do we ship orders? 

We ship Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

How much will shipping cost me? 

It's best to almost complete your order to find out your shipping cost. The cost depends on distance and weight. We can give you an estimate, but the rates may vary slightly at time of purchase.