+Wild Bill's: Beef Jerky
+Wild Bill's: Beef Jerky
+Wild Bill's: Beef Jerky
+Wild Bill's: Beef Jerky
Wild Bill's: Jerky Various

Wild Bill's: Jerky (Various)


Each package of beef jerky comes in a vacuum-sealed bag that helps keep your beef jerky fresh. The durable packing is perfect for showcasing in store aisles or by cash registers to promote impulse buys. Furthermore, this packaging is perfect for customers on the go: the easy-to-grab packaging can be tossed in a backpack, purse, or gym bag. Better yet, the resealable bag extends the beef jerky's shelf life and preserves its delicious taste!

Wild Bill's had a small beginning as a local butcher shop selling a wide variety of meat products in 1955. Their premium jerky and other meat snacks did not come around until 1983, but they soon became a local favorite. They spread all across the northeastern part of the United States, from the wide expanse of the Appalachian mountain range to the Atlantic coast, selling their jerky to convenience shops and grocery stores.


Wild Bill's Original Premium Beef Jerky

Wild Bills Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky Packs are made with the same jerky as the Wild Bill’s strips - just cut into smaller pieces. It’s a whole muscle jerky made from slices of USDA top round, marinated in soy sauce and seasonings, then hand hung on rods and hickory smoked to perfection in a real smokehouse. Wild Bill's Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky Packs are gluten free and contain no MSG. Available in 7 size packages.

Net Weight: 3 oz


Wild Bill's Steak Strips (Premium Thick Cut)

Put the grill away – Wild Bill’s has your steak! Packed in three 3oz resealable bags, Wild Bills Steak Strips are hickory smoked, thick cut strips of real steak made from lean and tender top beef rounds. These unique steakhouse seasoned Wild Bills Steak Strips have 11 grams of protein and only 70 calories per 1oz serving – 96% fat free, gluten free and contain no MSG.

Net Weight: 3 oz


Wild Bill's Bacon Jerky (Hickory Smoked)

Yes, Wild Bill's got bacon! This bodacious Wild Bill's Hickory Smoked Bacon Jerky is made from thick-cut slices of 100% hickory smoked bacon. If you're a bacon lover, this is the flavor you crave - it's meaty, salty, and smoky. One bite and you'll be hooked. Packed in a 3oz resealable bag, Wild Bill's Bacon Jerky has only 1 carb and 110 calories per 1oz serving. Each serving has a whopping 11 grams of protein, is gluten free and contains no MSG.

Net Weight: 3 oz


Wild Bill's Pork Belly Bites (Cured & Seasoned)

If you love well done bacon, then you'll love Wild Bill's Pork Belly Bites (aka Burnt Ends) packed in a 3oz resealable bag. Made with 100% smoked bacon, these smoked, cured and seasoned bites have 3 carbs and 110 calories per 1 ounce serving. Never had pork belly? Don't think of the word "belly" as in stomach, rather it's the meat that runs on the underside of the pig that's used to make bacon. Wild Bill's Pork Belly Bites are gluten free and contain no MSG.

 Net Weight: 3 oz


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