Fatwork: Organic Beef Tallow
Fatwork: Organic Beef Tallow

Fatwork: Organic Beef Tallow


Certified Organic Non-Gmo Grass-Fed Pasture-Raised Beef Tallow! We know that's a lot of adjectives to deal with, so if it's easier, just think of this as "The Greatest Tallow Ever Made."  As you probably know, Grass-Fed in no way means Organic, and conversely, Organic does not mean Grass-Fed.  But, put them together, well now you have a truly special cooking fat. 

Organic Grass-Fed/Grass Finished Tallow was 3 YEARS IN THE MAKING!  Since we source from several small family ranchers we needed to have EACH of the farms be Organically certified, which is a lengthy process in itself. Then we had to wait for the production facility to get certified Organic, then we needed to get the approval from the USDA, and then...well you get the picture.  We were beginning to wonder if it would ever happen.  But as our mission is to continuously raise the standards of traditional fat, we refused to let it go. We are glad we stayed with it, as it is nice to give our customers the peace of mind that this delicious beef tallow for cooking is made 100% from Organic Non GMO grass fed suet that is guaranteed to be pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free.

Our Organic Grass-Fed Beef Tallow is great for Keto, Carnivore, Paleo, AIP, WAP, and Whole30 followers who just want to eat REAL, delicious food.

Ingredients: Organic Grass-Fed Pasture-Raised Beef Tallow

No added hormones

We believe animals should develop at their own pace — 100% free of artificial growth hormones — the way nature intended.

family owned

Top Butcher is a third generation, family owned and operated wholesale purveyor of quality meat products.

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We personally know each producer we work with and ensure you get meals full of mouth-watering flavor.

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Enjoy delicious meat and seafood raised under the highest standards using no unnecessary antibiotics.

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